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As Silicon Valley’s public university, San José State provides a world-class education — whether your courses are online or in person.

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What Students are Saying

“As long as you put in the effort, study the material, take notes and go to online office hours, you can really learn. I knew that my professors were always available if I needed help. Despite the pandemic, I pushed myself and got straight A’s in fall 2020 — I’m proud of that.”

—Joshua Reyes, ’23 Marketing

“I chose SJSU because I had heard so many good things about it, and once I went to Admitted Spartan Days, I knew that I felt at home. I loved the campus and it seemed like the perfect place to be able to meet new people and find my own place in the Spartan community.”

—Madison Wong, ’23 Psychology

“Everywhere else I had applied, I had seen or visited in person. But I realized that SJSU was a really solid option for me after I followed SJSU social media and attended the online Admitted Spartans activities. It was really nice attending all the online events with my parents in our living room.”

—Cathy Hernandez, ’24 Software Engineering

A Transformative College Experience

San José State is your connection to a dynamic community focused on helping you shape your future. SJSU is always adapting and expanding the ways we provide high-quality education, create unique research and hands-on experiences, and immerse students in our community. For these reasons and so many others, San José State was named the Most Transformative University by Money Magazine.

When you enroll at SJSU, you have opportunities to:

Be part of a diverse community of change-makers and caring faculty and staff members.

Engage with renowned speakers and participate in enriching campus events.

Prepare to join a global workforce in which you’ll interact with colleagues both virtually and in person.

Build a professional network and make connections with future employers.

Choose from more than 350 student organizations.

Discover your path to reach your academic and professional goals and dreams.

160+ Years of Traditions and Shared Experiences

Rich with history and traditions, SJSU offers opportunities for experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Homecoming is just one of the exciting traditions at SJSU. Go Spartans!

When you choose San José State, you’re not only embarking on a transformative college journey — you’re joining a new, extended Spartan family. The connections we create with each other become an extension of 160+ years of community building by the Spartans who came before and together we fuel the innovation that characterizes Silicon Valley.

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What Students are Saying

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“I love being part of the Spartan community. From students in my classes to virtual events and activities, there are many ways to feel the college experience.”